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People Map

The People Map is a visual representation of the 250 people in the community who are most relevant to you, based on information filled out in the profile and interest pages. Advanced filtering allows you to find those select people who can help you do your job better today.

  • Members must complete at least the first page of their profile to be able to view the People Map. Members who have not completed this information will not appear on the People Map or within member searches.
  • As your community grows the People Map will eventualy display subsets of the community as those members most closely matching one's profile move any non-matching members beyond the viewing area of the map.
  • When using the People Map filter the results will only display icons for members who have provided a response for the question(s) which are being used to filter the results. Members who have not provided a response for the filter question will not appear on the People Map.

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